Betsy Bird’s words

I absolutely LOVED this review by Elizabeth Bird. She nailed it! I now want to go to the steps of the New York Public Library and read Wiff and Dirty George until someone tells me to shut up!

“Once in a great while I get a little bored with the usual children’s book tropes. Another new kid in school who meets a seeming outcast and bonds with them? Whoopie. A foster kid who seems prickly but has a heart of gold? Woo. Two boys in swinging 1960s London defeating a rabbit-obsessed villain intent on making people’s pants fall down? I . . . . wait, what? Back up a bit. What was that? You see, once in a great while I forget about being bored with the usual children’s book tropes when I find myself walloped upside the head something as original as Stephen Swinburne’s Wiff and Dirty George, particularly the first installment, The Z.E.B.R.A. Incident. If weird is good (and it certainly can be) then it is fair to say that Wiff and Dirty George are doggone great.”
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—Elizabeth Bird, Children’s librarian at the Children’s Center at 42nd Street of the New York Public Library system

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  1. I can’t wait to get my grubby little hands on a copy of Wiff…

    Great review, Steve…

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