Wolsey Road Remembered

“The Wolsey Warriors stood guard beside The Rusty Blackbird, an ancient pub and the only establishment on Wolsey Road. The Wolsey Warriors were Ian Pepper, Stu Desmond, Sid McKenzie, and Halsey Heath. Wiff saw the Warriors look up. He was on full alert when the gang crossed the street to intercept them.”
When we were kids [...]

Wiff and Dirty George’s Wolsey Road

“Wiff stepped out the door and scanned London’s rooftops. Brick chimneys crowded the horizon. A flock of pigeons wheeled over Wolsey Road. If he shut his eyes, this was the scene that stuck in his head. This was home.”
Wolsey Road is a real place. I lived there for the first 7 1/2 years of my [...]