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“Wiff and Dirty George – The Z.E.B.R.A. Incident” will be published by Boyds Mills Press on March 1 in hardcover. ISBN 978-1-59078-755-7 Ages 9-12

Welcome to the world of Wiff and Dirty George. Explore the escapades of these two English lads. Follow Wiff on Twitter at wiffking. Become a fan at Steve Swinburne’s Facebook fan page and by all means, check out Steve’s Vimeo and YouTube channels. Read Steve’s book at the library or visit his website to buy his books at Amazon.com (or your local independent bookstore!). Get your weekly dose of England 1969 and the adventures and doings of all things Wiff and Dirty George right here.

Here’s what the publisher says about the book:

“Have no fear, England! Wiff and Dirty George are on the way!”

Something bizarre is happening on a train pulling into Paddington Station. A strange gravitational force has taken control of the passengers, causing zippers to unzip, buckles to unbuckle, and trousers to fall down, revealing more polka-dotted underwear than ever imagined. Among the victims are two London lads named Wiff and Dirty George. When a man disguised as a rabbit snaps a photo of the mayhem and jumps from the train, Wiff and Dirty George give chase. Little do they know they are about to battle the sinister Basil King, who leads an army of rabbit-costumed thugs and mad scientists determined to take over Britain. Set in the Beatlemania 1960s, here is the outrageous adventure of Wiff and Dirty George, who must stop one of the most dastardly plots ever to be unleashed on England. Will the lads save the day?

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