New Wiff and Dirty George illustrations by Liz Callen!

Have a look at the wonderful and quirky art Liz Callen has done at the WADG website. I think the spots are smashing!
AND check out how awesome a 5th grader named Marin Beal from Raguet Elementary School in Nacogdoches, Texas, reads the first chapter of Wiff and Dirty George. She’s a natural. Find it on YouTube (Chapter One of Wiff and Dirty George by Stephen Swinburne)

2 Responses to “New Wiff and Dirty George illustrations by Liz Callen!”

  1. That was lovely, Steve! Who would have thought they were in Texas….

    BTW, I loved all your RAP videos on UTUBE!

  2. Yeah, Marin did a great job. She’s a superb reader!

    Cheers Sharon! Making those Ocean Soup videos was more fun than a barrel full of starfish!

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