Wiff and Dirty George’s Wolsey Road

Wiff stepped out the door and scanned London’s rooftops. Brick chimneys crowded the horizon. A flock of pigeons wheeled over Wolsey Road. If he shut his eyes, this was the scene that stuck in his head. This was home.”

Wolsey Road is a real place. I lived there for the first 7 1/2 years of my life. You can find Wolsey Road in north London.

Here’s a photo of Wolsey Road in the 1960s.

We lived at 7 Wolsey Road. Dirty George lived a few doors up. The white van is parked in front of 7 Wolsey Road. Around the corner was Mary’s Sweet Shop. I remember pinching (stealing) coins from my mum’s purse and carrying a fist full of coppers to Mary’s shop. I plonked them down on the counter and asked for sweets. Mary rang my mum. I got a good hiding (spanking). I was five years old.

I also remember the  only pub on the street was called The Lady Mildmay. My nan told me during the blitz of London the pub took a direct hit from a German bomb and two people were killed. They’ve rebuilt the pub and it still operates on Wolsey Road.

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  1. When was the last time you went back to Wosley Road? I went back to Hoo Road in Meppershall a few years ago. It was much smaller than I remembered. The long path to the loo was not as long as I remembered. The creepy outbuilding that was along the path (I was sure a witch lived there) wasn’t so creepy. LOL…It’s surprising how some things appear to be so big when you are little.

    I’m putting you on my blog roll….

    Your site looks great!

  2. I visited Wolsey Road in 2002 with my two daughters and wife. It looked like a different world to me. Small and distant.

  3. I lived with my family on Wolsey Road from 1944 until 1960. Yes, its a lot difference now, especially with houses going for almost a million quid. However no bomb ever fell on the Lady Mildmay pub.. The nearest bombing to Wolsey Road was in Queen Margarets Grove and the Newington Green school.
    The pub was originally three stories high. They took off a floor, then finally converted it to flats.
    Roy Barnacle Wayland MA USA

  4. Roy, maybe my Nan had a few at the pub before she told me her story about the bombing.

  5. Ha yes, perhaps. The thing I remember about the Lady Mildmay was that the loo was outside, next to the pub in Qn Margarets Grove. Locals would use it if their own lav was occupied!

  6. I live in Wolsey Road and this morning, I am sitting in what was probably Mary’s Sweet Shop, as mentioned above (by Steve?). It is now my study, and I’m in here, online, looking for historical photos of our house! The image at the head of the page is fascinating, though it doesn’t show our building, which is the former grocer’s / furniture shop on the corner of Wolsey Road and Queen Margaret’s Grove, opposite the former Lady Mildmay pub. Yes, the street may have changed a lot but I suspect it still has the same North London back road stillness that it probably always had. And the houses haven’t quite reached a million quid yet – and won’t any time soon, by the looks of the current economy ;-)

    Does anyone have any more pictures of the street or, specifically, our house, as they used to be?

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